“We no longer have to look for life in fleeting things. Christ was broken for us so that our ultimate brokenness could be repaired.”

What Relevance Is Christianity?

Life is rather crazy, isn’t it? Relationships are broken. Tragedy Strikes. Our kids start asking questions. In the process of life, perhaps we start to contemplate God, meaning, religion, etc. Perhaps we’ve even considering visiting a church, and we may be wondering, “What’s this going to do for me? How is this relevant? What’s the point?”

In truth, the Bible is a story that has a lot of what you are experiencing in it. There are difficulties, broken relationships, tragedies, and problems all throughout it. Why? Because according to this story, man has a Maker who loves him and made him to be in relationship with Himself. This is our design, our true happiness, what we (perhaps unknowingly) are searching for. Yet, we naturally try to find this fulfillment anywhere but where it really lies. The result is frustration, pain, confusion, brokenness, even a world of chaos. As one author puts it, “Adam hadn’t just broken a rule, he had broken God’s heart, and now everything else would start to break, and unravel, and go wrong.” Indeed, if there is one story that seems to really explain the perplexities and challenges of our world, it is the biblical story.

Who Is The Christian God?

The Christian faith says that into this brokenness, God came after us. Christianity isn’t primarily about being disciplined and climbing our way up to God on a ladder of good works and religiosity. It isn’t primarily about man seeking God; it is about God seeking man. The Heavenly Father sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to redeem what was lost. This He did by utter self-sacrifice and redeeming love. Everything that we should have done, which God requires of us, Jesus gladly did on our behalf. Further, every sin and failure was laid on Him, bearing shame, death, and judgement in our place. According the Scripture and eye-witness testimony, He rose out of the grave on the third day — a moment of universe-altering significance, for by it a new creation was born, the curse turned backwards, the risen Lord walked in the garden again, and God reclaimed the people of His love.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Son of God has come, not to destroy, but to save, and heal, and feed, and set free (Luke 4:18). We no longer have to look for life in fleeting things; Christ was broken for us so that our ultimate brokenness would be repaired.

What Is A Christian Church?

Of course, when you buy into Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, you are introduced into a group of people who will seek to love you unconditionally. The Bible calls it a church, and Redemption is a local representation of that. There are all kinds of things that Christians do (and should be doing) as we seek each other’s joy and well-being (i.e. Sunday services, small group meetings, prayer, Bible study, community events, evangelism, service activities, etc.) By such things, we are each of us, together, being shaped into the people (the “Body”) Christ has redeemed us to be. God has so designed it that our ultimate flourishing takes place, not in isolation, but in community, family, and friendship.

If you believe all of this, you won’t be able to contain it. It is amazing news! You will want to tell other people about this God who loved you, pursued you, redeemed you, and is renewing you. And this is the main mission of the Christian church. We love to share and proclaim the excellencies of the God who saves. This is not an attempt to gain power over people, hinder their joy, or collect their money. It is simply good news about our current plight and how God has fixed it. It is so glorious, we dare not keep silent.

In close, here is a helpful word from our favorite atheist.

Penn Jillette Gets A Bible (https://youtu.be/6md638smQd8)


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