To get to know the staff at Redemption Auburn better they were asked to tell 2 truths and a lie. Can you guess which statements are true and which statement is false? (Answers at the bottom)


Josh Winans

Lead Pastor

A) I am the tenth of 11 children.

B) I drink up to 4 mountain dews a day.

C) I have walked through a full sized window at target.


John West


A) I was born on the same day Kansas became a state.

B) I lived in a house on the beach in Hawaii.

C) My first computer had 64 KB of memory and cost $2,200.00.


Rick Schauer


A) My wife and I have been married for 46 years.

B) My wife and I have been blessed with 6 children and 18 grandchildren.

C) My wife and I are 60 years old.


Brad Hilton

Worship Leader

A) Growing up I was deathly afraid of speaking in public and completely forgot my speech when running for Student Body President.

B) I went to college to be a marine biologist / pastor and now pretend to be a software architect that can play guitar.

C) I occasionally fill in for Steven Curtis Chapman’s lead guitarist when he needs a break.


Dan Myers


A) I am a closet hip hop fan.

B) I have an Aston Martin Vanquish in my garage that I never drive because I am embarrassed.

C) I am a brother to 6 and a father to 5.


Jarrett Vincent


A) I pulled a woman from a burning car.

B) I won a look-alike contest for Jean-Claude Van Damme.

C) I’m only 5’5″ and I ran high hurdles in high school.


Jeff Birkholz



Julie Vincent

Administrative Assistant

A) I was born in Valletta, Malta.

B) I was once stuck on a roller coaster for 4 hours while they repaired it.

C) I met my husband when I was 15 years old.


Luke Brownell


A) I have returned from a foreign country with only $4 to my name.

B) I secretly love all things Disneyland, and make a point to visit the land annually.

C) I was a four sport athlete in high-school.


Pat Myers


A) I have been married, to the same woman:-) for 36 years.

B) I have 7 children and (currently) 12 grandchildren.

C) My father was the original “Oscar Meyer” and we have his weiner car in our driveway.


Scott Schauer

Worship Leader

A) I take pride in being what others may referred to as a “marching band geek”.

B) I once played in a football game in Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium (this was not with the marching band).

C) I was born and raised in beautiful Colfax CA along with my other 5 siblings.

1 – B | 2 – A | 3 – B  |4 – C | 5 – B | 6 – B | 7 – ? | 8 – B | 9 – B | 10 – C | 11 -C


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