Even as a naval captain at sea needs proper navigation to make a safe journey, a Christian community needs a sound biblical vision to steer it towards faithfulness and fruitfulness. Our vision at Redemption is simple but all-inclusive: Gospel, Community, & Mission. We aim to ground ourselves and our ministry in the gospel of Jesus Christ, to develop and grow as a community, family and individuals in Christ, culminating in the glory of God through our satisfaction in him, the salvation of souls, and the renewal of our community.


The gospel is “good news”. The essence of this news is that the God of heaven, rather than being remote or hidden, has passionately pursued us. More specifically, He loves and redeems a lost humanity. God created man in perfection, in paradise, in his image, and in a perfect relationship with Him. However, paradise was lost. According to the biblical story of human history, our first parents (Adam & Eve) made a willful decision to reject their Maker, and by so doing, the whole course of human history was altered. Humanity fell from where it once was. Though man made was made to live under the smile of his Maker, he is now separated from Him; runs away from Him; feels hostility towards Him; and is unable and unwilling to repair the damage.

God might have justly left us to our ruin, and left us to our hatred of Him. But there is more grace in Him than there is sin in us. When all seemed hopeless, God sought us out and sent forth his beloved Son, Jesus. He would give Himself for us in every way — in life, death, and resurrection — that we might have peace with our Maker once again. The perfect life of righteousness He lived is credited to our account through faith; in His death, He took upon Himself the just punishment for all sin; in His resurrection, the reign of sin, death, and Satan were completely defeated. Heaven, and the Father therein, was opened wide. Now, all our hope and all our happiness is this saving work of God in Christ Jesus, who will one day return to complete and perfect His restoration process. This good news is offered to all and is received by sheer faith, not by works or merit.

This good news is surely more than our introduction to life with God, it is the means by which we live every facet of our life. The Redemption community, families, and individuals seek to connect the deep implications of the gospel to all of life. What God has done through Christ on our behalf affects every age, year, month, day, hour, and second of our lives; thus transforming our hearts, healing our relationships, breaking the bondage of sin, revealing our idols, and wonderfully points us back to our peace with God in Christ.


Our life in faith cannot be in isolation. When God calls us into Christ, he calls us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. The Bible spells out our adoption and gives us a name: a family, a body, a house, etc., to indicate that we belong to something new. Even though we attend church in a building, church is something we are. The believer’s life is meant to be interwoven with other believers. This is where encouragement, admonishment, and help are regular occurrences. This inclusive community is a testimony to the grace of God which brings all types of people together in their pursuit and worship of Him. It is a living illustration of the grace and fellowship of the gospel.


Jesus said, “That my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full” (John 15:11). We were saved to to know, enjoy, and honor our Redeemer and King, that our joy would be full, overflowing. And we dare not keep this joy to ourselves. God is, even today, saving His people from every nation and is furthering His renewal and restoration process. It is our honor and joy that God allows us to be a part of this precious process. At Redemption, we aim to do this primarily by preaching the Word of God, proclaiming the gospel as found in Scripture, pursuing the health of our local church, partnering with other local churches in gospel-mission, and making disciples who go and make other disciples, both locally and abroad.

This is what Redemption is striving to be: a community of people embracing Christ’s gospel together and revealing it to a world that desperately needs to hear it.


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