I have some bad news for you…

There are people who aren’t happy at ours either. It turns out the church is filled with messy people who say things they shouldn’t, do things they shouldn’t, and struggle with loving the people around them. Now, you may genuinely be at a place where you need to change churches, but you also may be at a place where working through the issues you have may sanctify both you and your church family. Don’t short circuit the whole body’s chance to grow. God is alive and working in the churches of Auburn, and we want to do our part to facilitate healthy growth. If you are still struggling, here are some reasons that we feel are good and not so good when it comes to leaving a church. Rest assured, these are just our opinions and we will warmly greet you even if you disagree with our assessment.

I. Not So Good Reasons To Leave A Church

Better Programs and Ministries

Perhaps your church doesn’t have the right ministry that suits your needs. What if you stayed around and helped facilitate? There are far too few people that do most of the work. When you see a weakness, jump in and help.

The Music

Music has divided churches forever. If the words point to God’s glory and Christ’s work, sing loudly no matter the beat or instruments used.

“I’m not being ministered to.”

This is a hard one and in some ways a legitimate concern. We surely know our leadership team is missing people in our body that we should be helping. What would happen if you showed up to your church looking for those, like you, who weren’t being ministered to and then ministered to them?

II. Better Reasons to Leave A Church


If you are not living life naturally with those around you, you might want to attend closer to where you live. This is quite possibly the best reason for switching churches.


Perhaps your church is not staying faithful to the teachings of Scripture. If you have addressed this and received no response, it might be time to leave.

Church Peace

Relationships are hard and sometimes peace seems impossible. If you are in the way of peace at your church, or too burdened and fatigued to pursue it, you may need to switch. If you do decide to switch churches please make that decision after much prayer. Then, do your best to communicate honestly with your pastor and make every effort to restore any broken relationships. On your way out, work hard to prevent any division and gossip that may rise up as you leave. God loves us in spite of our mistakes and failings so we can extend the same attitude toward those we have disagreements with.


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