Redemption Church of Auburn

This is what Redemption is striving to be: a group of people continually embracing the gospel together and revealing it in the midst of a world that desperately needs to hear it.


The Gospel is the good news. The facts of this news are that Christ died for our sins and that he was buried and rose again defeating death. The setting of this news is that God created us in his image and in perfect relationship with Him. Adam wanted to be God and so rebelled against God’s word. Humanity demonstrated an unwillingness and inability to obey God perfectly and thus restore the relationship. However, God sent his Son into the world to not only take the punishment for all the wrong we have done but to also live perfectly so that his righteousness could be applied to our account. Our only hope is the work of God in Christ Jesus who will one day return to complete and perfect the restoration process. This good news is for all those who through repentance and faith trust in the work of Christ on the cross. This good news is not only our introduction to life with God but the means by which we live every part of our life. Here at Redemption, we are seeking to connect the deep implications of the gospel to all of life. What God has done through Christ on our behalf, affects every second of our daily lives. The gospel continually reveals our idols and points us back to our reconciliation with God.


Our life in faith cannot be in isolation. When God calls us into Christ, he calls us to be part of something. The Bible calls us a family and a body and a house to represent what we are as members of Christianity. Church is not something we attend, but something we are. This means the life of a believer should be interwoven with other believers. Everyday life is lived among fellow believers where encouragement, admonishment and help are regular occurrences. This community is not an exclusive group keeping others out but rather a testimony to the grace of God in bringing a variety of people together under their pursuit of Him. It is living illustration of the grace and togetherness of the gospel.


We were not saved to keep the good news to ourselves, but rather to proclaim the excellencies of the one who called us. God is, even today, saving people and growing his family. Our greatest joy is to be part of that process. We are to keep our lives pure from sin even while living in the midst of it. Living out the gospel in this way among those who have not experienced it will be a shining light that compels them to ask about the hope that is within us. This is what Redemption is striving to be. A group of people, continually embracing the gospel together and revealing that, in the midst of a world that desperately needs to hear it.

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